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with mixed treatment. Physical examination revealed
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sates by assuming the position of lordosis. It is his
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The Excretion of Alloxuric Bodies in Gout and Contracted Kidney. —
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10. Vaginal Cysts and Their Histology, By G. P. Murray.
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monies on June 30lh. The old building will be torn down.
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but wanted to go to the theatre, and when there paid no
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or other paresis, will be ameliorated or relieved by
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is shown by the fact that the words are in italics. We might add that
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trology and Radiology will be held in Barcelona. Spain,
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1. Without sinus-phlebitis. 2. With thrombu-phlebitis of the lateral sinus.
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Gideon Grays and the Weellum Maclures that cheer and brighten the
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generally employed are of little value, as evidenced by many cases of fatal
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the kidney, when the pelvis of the organ is involved and it is impossible to
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Hypertrophies of the Turbinates. — Dr. Xorval H. Pierce, of Chicago
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successful, and the value of the results will be better appreciated after
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is the seat of a mild, probably secondar}^ inflamma-
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dark beer in cases of chlorosis. One pint should be consumed daily ;
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Clinic (No. 489). Married twenty-two years ago. Was
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Every effort to make a satisfactory diagnosis fa-'led,
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stables were possible), where the trainers are sub-
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they are almost always present, occurring principally in the groin and
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pancreatic diabetes, and the affections shown to result from premature
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scribed by Pfeiffer is by no means specific, and that when the reaction
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an embolic abscess. The larger, the size of a pigeon's egg, was located
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are distinctly different in size and arrangement. Clear lymph is alkaline
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meal with the result of finding food in the stomach,
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