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pure crystallized uric acid is added in small quantities, taking

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On the cover: A color doppler ultrasound scan of carotid bifurcation employs a technique developed at Yale by Kenneth J.W.

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of our achievements have quickened into activity the chirurgical

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THE'RIACA (Si)ptuKoe, from Oiip'iou, a beast). Originally, a me-

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a much larger number of readers, and consequently a very wide

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Beyond speaking out in concert with other child advocates

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faithfully my professional duties, to employ only tliose recognized metltods of

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inducements which it offers to the students of our honorable

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dominant pandemic in the fullest sense of the word. The records of the

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the cheek, forming a kind of tangent with the nasnl tr^it

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little membrane which prevents the return of fluid in the bloodvessels

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would necessarily provoke. But to this generally beneficial

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subjective with functions to be elevated to the rank of capacities.

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In his family. Dr. Clark was a devoted and affectionate husband

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Haven’s Science Park. Dr. Ruddle directs the library with a

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these, are unequally distorted in different directions. These scars are most

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Malpighii), which it penetrates. Unlike many other parasites which

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the obliteration of a tubular communication in the embryo, and annears

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12. Vasa seviindia. Tubuli seminiferi. Very minute tubes con-

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ciation. After due consideration it appears clear to a majority of

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fluid, by means of heat. It differs from gas in its want of permanency,

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peritoneum. In these case3 the sac is necessarily invaginated

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having sought any relief at all, sometimes in despair from the

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ST VITUS'S DANCE. Chorea Saudi Viti ; called, in colloquial

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this address, his Yale valedictory, Winslow told the students