the body, the head, and the several features. The more common of the
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into his own head. The reader may be left to imagine how
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teased and bullied, but bears it all with stolid patience until his wrongs
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discovered by the observers who have but entered on this field of work.
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of salt solution does not decrease the sensitivity but does decrease
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The epileptic is industrious, and benefits to a marked degree by occupation
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Diagnosis. — In infancy, before the typical state is reached, it is obvious
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central one which is, as a rule, much larger and more deeply coloured
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tion of the public, or that part of it one would wish to at-
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epileptic insane admissions to non-epileptic insane admissions is 8 - 6 per
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"Other people get places, and see that I get nothing but a
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though physicians will never quote, may perhaps contain
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the characteristic position, or in the less usual one in which there is
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altered in shape and form. Ulcers may form about the matrix, and
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success ; the defect seems to lie in some lack of mental grasp of space
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not wrong. A friend, by way of practical joke, makes up as a burglar
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of water, cold as ice. When a demoniac was brought to
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searching examination of the actual bodily state, and in conformity "with
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to be from 0 to 6 mm in 1 hour ; values of 7 to 10 mm are "border-
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impious physician who had lingered in the enjoyment of his
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fangled power of electricity which Dr. Franklin had just
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or "clownism." The body is thrown into various strange positions — a
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liquefies gelatine; fluorescence rapidly produced ; white fiocculent precipi-
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Aimee Wilcox, the author, and National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Md.
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bate" ; these names glanced at the different characters who
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with an equal part of absolute methyl alcohol and apply-
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and it is questionable whether they should not rather find a place under
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Although sometimes attended with secondary congestion, it is non-
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During the period of the rash itself, the pain becomes more local in
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knowledgment of the services of Hobbes and Gibbons? or
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that is over 1000 feet, present no advantages for pronounced cases; on
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but to spasm affecting the opposite side of those parts. Hysterical para-
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of much fungous granulation tissue, or where tuberculous infection is
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I might mention other instances in which school work or school life
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all day over Fox's Booh of Martyrs, or the dreadful pictures in some
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Treatment. — The little tumours, if small and few in number, may be
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of the small arteries and veins, especially in the cervical region of the
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their long duration, . their annual exacerbations, their consistence and
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milk. Under the minimum diet the weight gradually lessens about J lb. per diem (the
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of Hebra's L. ruber may be due in part to his having included other
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organs; rounded ends, oval or pear-shaped: - 75/itol"5/x long; - 2 /*
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by results. For it must not be forgotten that in nearly all cases
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fore be advisable to resort to trephining in certain isolated cases in
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Of the region of the anus and the perineum. — This eczema is an ex-