and Bergmann, shown by Klaproth to be biphosphate of soda.
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THERMO'METER, BREGUET'S. A metallic thermometer con-
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of the rebels, when he participated in the capture of Port Royal,
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Matchett. I difier with him as far as I can differ upon any
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soon becomes necrotic. In consequence of this, a penetrating foetor ex ore
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passages; cramps of the legs and arms ; pulse small, feeble, rapid, and
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is a relapse. Patients should never allow themselves to be per-
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d. Gesellschaft fiir Natur und Heilkunde in Dresden." 1872.— A. Gutt.stadt : " Zcit-
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for their education to your efforts, among others. Your
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and the pancreas, escaped, no part of them finding their way
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past year than at any previous time. Indeed, I think it would be
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available in any one year is only about 3,000. “So there will
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the individual pocks wliich can be seen is usually verj' small, and often
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tions irregular, and his system debilitated, it will probably be
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iMi-A 111)1 ilti'iialjiiit ! Viiifii I'lit'iK hy iiifii iiixrjiiliK, lint f.nijfH in
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ence, that where shock results from suspended function of the
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weakness of the joint for a long time after, but even this may
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ing itself upon the brain and the base of the spinal cord, and often
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to Old Harvard ! Worthy of its ancient prestige and true to its
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and Dartmouth College. He studied medicine with his father and
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friends, nor practice, nor money — he quit Scotland and set-
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will have them presented to all the voters in their several dis-
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but, under given circumstances, they act together as if they
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to his fortune, which he advanced no less by the precautions
evaporate the liquid again till all traces of alcohol are removed.
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willing to entertain the only other conclusion, that men of culture
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in the Skin and Mucous Membranes. — The eruption, which usually
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we as physicians need to be able clearly to distinguish
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is very high up, the point of the probe is carried too high,
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four or five duplicatures. These folds are formed of a por-
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studied it upon dead animals, in which I had previously
size and banding pattern, they look normal. This painstaking
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