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are all cases of dementia. No exaggeration of choreic symptoms noted

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day succeeds another with but slight variety of scene, incident, or ex-

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Philadelphia, Pa. Reprinted from the Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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canal, narrow strips of sublimate gauze were carried down the canal as far as

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M. Paul Cheron {IJ Union Medicate, Feb. 4, 1890) sums up the accidents

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tions. The dose for internal administration is from fifteen to sixty grains

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4. The fear of an abnormality of the colon rendering the operation of

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established the susceptibility to these affections is markedly

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continually suffered from jerking of the hands and feet, stumbling, and " snif-

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the matter which might implicate a very good, if perhaps a very

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discussed, including syphilis. After nineteen years' continuous

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placed another glass tube which extended about an inch down the bottle.

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1889) Prof. Smirnoff, of Helsingfors, refers to the diametrically opposite

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thirty-three of the 2600 drug stores in the Greater City.

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she lost control of the sphincters of the bladder and rectum, and urine

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and protracted prostration which the impurity or impurities give rise to. It

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cannot be considered as settled that surgery is justified in its interference by

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cultivating on a dry surface in preference to cultivating in fluid, if his inten-

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glomerulo-nephritis, the most frequent form after acute infectious diseases. He

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The disease shows no tendency whatever to malignant degeneration,

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treatment ; a warm even temperature, strapping of the chest and the

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My first case report is that of a little boy 4 years old, referred

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miraculous cures of sterility by any given method of overcoming a supposed

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flammatory process localized throughout the • lungs, the other a forma-

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difficulty of avoiding the ureteric opening was also worthy of note.

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is in bad general condition or has some pre-existing visceral lesion. He does

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this particular case. Most of these cases of injuries of the spine may die of

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has, in the present edition, expanded into a very sizable paragraph in

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are felt in different parts of the belly, and, like the pains of colic,

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by Dr. Thacher, and permission to quote the case kindly given by Dr.

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of our Western States which has been noted in the past for the

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ican reports state explicitly that a control test of the gruel was

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stimulate the secretions excessively should be at least restricted, such as

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unaccustomed organism are decidedly toxic. What are they?

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publication of his book, fourth edition. The belief was not at

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per cent, of all scarlatinous patients suffer more or less from aural lesions.

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delight in the cruelty of their work, but it is very improbable.

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over the abdomen of the mother after they had placed themselves with

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vomiting had stopped, the patients soon regained their accustomed appetite,

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