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to his fellowmen, he was a genial companion, a true friend, and

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may construe the expression)? Surely no one could be so

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tomed to use the caustic in the manner formerly detailed.

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Dr. Little, of California, on motion of Dr. Timothy Childs,

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or sleeping rooms, although it was not exactly in the line of materia

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the poor facilities for room afforded. There was a continual dis-

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appointment of a Board of Examiners or College to deter-

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The hajmal spine is sub-divided into four stumpy bones, called col-

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early stage, as from the sixth to the tenth week, have fallen

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suicide, the bulemic and the child abuser all are likely to be

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fatty cellular tissue, not that I believe that a blind external

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in order to arrive at the period at which he becomes of pro-

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Destroyer," in Strafford, England, shook some of the mixture

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I fan myself with the cheap wooden fans given to each

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direction of Dr. T. P. Satterwhite and the Editor, aided by

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mie needle, and the south pole of another, mutually attract each

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compound. In the latter case, tlie assemblage of umbels is called the

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contagious; 1 was beginning to wonder if I could book a flight

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as she can bear it — and direct her also to put a tube fastened to

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Pigment-cells occur ,n otT,er".„: of'he^'br ° ^"'^

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she reached him he fell forward upon his face, stricken through the

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1 deciphered that his friends were willing to drive me to the


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SAXl'FRAGA (saram, a stone,/ra«^o, to break). Lithoniriptica

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learned professor of obstetrics asked him what course he would

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fessor exhorted us to tread softly amongst the phy-

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hobbling, discouraging—even prohibiting—animal research.

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is the result of accidental transfers ; when most species are so

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edge of fever, it ought to be studied all over the world ; but it

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that the best of everything—from work to housing to