From such abtmdant material, one would think that the
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diminish the amount of glycogen in the liver, a substance which increased
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intubations, and, therefore, it must be considered an extremely rare accident,
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only endowment insurance. The recent studies and reports of
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membrana tympani. Still more rarely, diphtheria bacilli produce lesions
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do contract it. These statistics are based on hospital cases.
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means of the mechanical stage the whole area can be mathe-
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bacteria are found more frequently in the corium than in the epidermis.
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matter to find out from a doctor anything that you wanted
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day is mild. It can be controlled to a great extent by treat-
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by a sharp rise in temperature and severe pain in the ear. In very young
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converted into hyaline masses, and the formation within the cells of large
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are quite ill, and that he never has seen any bad results beyond the appear-
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debility from recent infectious disease, by the rapid growth of the young,
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frequency come diarrhoea and abdominal pain. To the former much
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appetite increases, and the general condition is much improved. The recov-
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sonins) at the same time as it is now agreed that some at least of the bodies
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The typhoid bacillus has been found in the pus. The complication is a
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usually, an initial chill, vomiting, backache, and fever, and when the erup-
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He does not escape this when he becomes the medical
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The question once asked by a distinguished scientist was,
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cases we have the stroma in excess, while in the acute cases
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centrifugalize the sediment, all of the true sediment being then
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taken to make it as aseptic as possible. The patient should be told of the
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rate from 20 to 50 beats a minute as seen in some patients about the time they
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from the scarlet fever wards is always a source of annoyance and frequently
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these points ; but there is yet lacking the chain which Tsdll so connect them
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the impression of sounds produced very close to the ear.
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should be removed at the end of three or four days even if it is necessary
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not, so far as consumption is concerned, in view of the marked
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particularly, operation cases, is the most efficient preventive. It is advisable
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influenza. The epidemic of 1510 is the first which has received universal
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of the lower veins of the leg the pain is usually referred to the vein but in
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Fill a clean test-tube two-thirds full of the carefully fil-
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the same community often comment on the fact that the virulence of typhoid
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fully in human medicine with saline infusions, on this basis,
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The question of the method by \^•hich the infectious agent gains access to
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lobar pneumonia is uncommon, and is to be regarded as an accident and not
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separation of the disease on clinical grounds. Sydenham describes a disease
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in 206 (0.24 per cent.), and at autopsy in 180 out of 4,833 (3.5 per cent.).
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in warm and in cold weather. The action of the cells lining