exchange between Yale and the Hunan Medical University.

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11. Polij-dipda (,oa//a, thirst). Excessive thirst ; insatiable desire

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Marseille," etc. Marseille, 1828. — Rayer: "Traite des maladies de la peau." Paris,

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were 102 males ; out of equal numbers at all ages, the females

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SURFACE-DEPOSIT (in Electro-plating). The operation of de-

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our ideas of form and distance are materially aided by the

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Dr. Buck was positive and firm in his judgment, and was not

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The doctors around me were more subdued. They had not

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versity of Virginia, in this honorable post he continued to serve

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and respond to our children, families and neighbors in need

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publications of the Sydenham Society was on the Secretary's

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diate surroundings known collectively as otitis media, otitis interna, and

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died in an instant. Dr. Wilson was a man of most untiring