slow course, usually lasting many tion. The case terminates usually
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is sometimes seen, extending over the hepatic area, with tense abdom-
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ulceration the application must be made directly to these areas through
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changes in the fresh, moist corn-meal, with the production of ptomains.
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spiced food, sweet and hot substances, cause the paroxysms to be more
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searched for ; the rational symptoms are least in value, though usually
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from a localized epidemic which are apt to present certain char-
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Demonstrator of Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania ; Chief of Gynecological Dis-
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below the ribs. Rarely, the distended gall-bladder projects below the
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every possible help. When, therefore, some physicians cry out
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with the evidences of toxic action reported in some instances of the
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follicles are common, and almost constantly emphysema develops in
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general disease, affecting primarily other organs than the bowel, and
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asthenia, hysteria, anemic brain- and spinal-cord affections (causing
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hypogastric and iliac regions. Megcdogastria, or simple " big stomach,"
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labia may become enormously distended, the skin having almost a trans-
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underlying carotid artery ; if this be the true explanation in any given
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ward the sound side ; the eye may deviate, and curvature of the cervical
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include the common varieties of formication, dead fingers, and the like.
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will be a safe commencing dose in adult myxedema : a caution, however,
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vious inflammatory conditions, as a calculous pyelitis, or subsequent
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flict of disease. To promote this work the Robert Dawson Evans
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endocardium are roughened, and the obstructive and regurgitant lesions
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life. The female oxyuris is whitish in color and about ten or twelve
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mallei is so-called "mallein," which has been used by Xocard and others
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Definition. — An hereditary disease afi'ecting many members of a
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Symptoms. — Except when due to traumatism the blood usually
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Treatment. — The medical management of the disease is absolutely
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dilutes the gastric secretion to a deleterious extent, and cold drinks are
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fore, cannot use tuberculin as well as if such advice was available. It
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have failed to form at the point of perforation. At least 70 per cent, of
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of a radiating character, stiffness, tremors, hyperesthesia, herpes, and
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although he admits that quite frequently it is simply a mild form of the
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If the vital powers are poor, bitter tonics, as iron, quinin, and
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sero-fibrinous pleurisy, and it is important to recollect that when second-
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Vaccines in Typhoid. By W. H. Waiters, M.D. . . . . . . . 1084
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involved and disinfection with acid-sublimate solution are the best meas-
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The features of irregular gout are exceedingly diA^ersified ; the follow-