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Stone and Swift (^) in 55 cases found meningitis in 24 and oedema

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• Interiorera si rimeris fabricam, in omnibus, quos unquam vidi, fetubus reperies,

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first was to make sure that all the members of the state

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association with early marriage, and the average duration of menstrual

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(2) Sow^ daily on Ixmillon lor preservation' of stock strain. (3) Use for

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can lessen the disposition of the blood to coagulate, I am per-

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that it may be used for diluting the blood to observe their shape.

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sufficient quantity of the central particles, to be converted into

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Orig. Memb. Acland, Sir Henet Wentwoeth, M.D., K.C.B.,

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the peripheral parts of the articular surface were covered in

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Comment: These articles are must reading for all who care

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from the cavity of the intestines these vessels pass obliquely

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* Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, vol. xii, p. 87, 8vo, London, 1822.

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The most frequent causes are a fall on the flexed elbow or

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I poured into a phial C, a portion of the serum of the blood

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An echocardiogram revealed vegetations on the aortic

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The tongue was clean and moist. Temperature was 99*2° F.

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symptoms of cavernous sinus thrombosis. A diagnosis of

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The case of the person, whose body I opened, likewise shows

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investigated the action of several alcohols on the ven-

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seven or eight weeks returned to the country, the haematuria

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probably the most helpful is the division into “extrinsic”

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mmHg. Table I indicates the distribution of MAP at the

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salt sol., if necessary, until a sufficient amount of and sufficiently

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brain. How and when can these measures, that is, the respi-

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aspect of tlie joint, and the pressure of the rigid upper leather

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by the surgical stress and unable to cope. ( Figure 1 )

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(8) Decreased because of the elimination of budgeting fo

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mg. every 6 hours (four doses in each 24 hours). This dosage may be adjusted

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is not an essential property of lymph. In reference to the statement

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Physicians are to report those cancer cases coming under

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about half of her teeth : such as remained were in good con-

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chloroform. (6) SKp a cover without any delay over the mouth of the