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cancer-juice contains a large amount of fine granular matter, nucleated
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sarcoma of the left testicle of a physician from the Indian Territory.
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motic spots of irregular shape. The reddening may be circumscribed about
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tery, particularly the epidemic form, is frequently accompanied or followed
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scanty urine. 9. The bowels are confined. 10. Certain nerve symp-
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often referred to the lower dorsal vertebrae, and described as "gnawing"
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empyema, while the material looks like pus, it contains no micro-
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tuberculosis ; its progress is interrupted, now there is marked improvement
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develop in the interstitial tissue to which th e parent sac is firmly adherent.
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Cancerous Peritonitis. — Cancer of the peritoneum is rarely primary, but
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degeneration. The diseases in which this change is C^^^ mm
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Varioloid differs from small-pox in the rapid development and decline of