alcohol until twelve pints have slowly passed. If the powder

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volves a sacrifice of those cherished conceptions of elegant

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A third area of limitations on the independence of elderly

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Typhoid fever in rather a severe form prevailed last fall in some

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use. Then our population was about 75,000. Now, since it has

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It will be necessary to premise my observations on the effects

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Inif ^f^.^^i^y^ (dim of ren, the kidney). The name of each distinct

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O'Lord said but little — she seemed confused; but Mrs. Mc-

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extracts, showing the dangerous practice recommended some-

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inst.) she had the most acute agony in the upper jaw it was.

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*'The peculiarity of this case consisted in the rupture, probably

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devotion to the sick and his high sense of the responsibility of his

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darker and more uniform tc.\tiire; in appearance it resembles that con-

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RU'BIAN. The colouring matter of madder. By decomposition

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''"pipiiR NIGRUM. Black Pepper. Tlie dried unripe berries of

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YEAST. Fermenium. A substance generated during the vinous

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/ma, kali causticum, lapis infernalis, causticum commune acernmum,

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and produces larger tumors which grow more rapidly. On

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and Pharmacology prepared me well, though I found the Pathology

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exhibit patches of hepatization or purulent infiltration ; and

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reviled as half-breeds. But Clark’s studies reveal that more

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injection ocriplasmin 0.125 mg

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given to every Medical College in good standing, and with-

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and financing of health care were prophetic. What he wrote in

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" The Committee of Publication shall have full discretionary


Special steel rooms are required to contain the strong

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Dr. Howard A. Pearson, professor and former chairman of

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growing richer. All groups of children are poorer today than

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Dr. CuRTMAN said "that the bitter taste of quinine could be

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Society of Virginia, and at one time its president. While occupy-

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smallpox by the mother's attack. Of half a dozen infants born of vari-

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which gastric irritation alone amply suffices to provoke ?

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obvious derivative. Mr. E. Wilson says that the term has been erro-

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without danger of lesion of any consequence, even in many

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These cases of absolute and complete disorganization or dis-