internationally recognized expert in tropical disease research,
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PHO'SPIIENE (0is, light, ej,a!vu) to make to appear). The
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which it was sought to place the United States Marine Hospitals
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decomposition for a long time when mixed with decaying animal
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edge of the orbitar process of the upper jaw-bone, and is inserted into
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stance, contained within the corpus striatum. To these must be
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and so claim her for my own. Oh, that — that any thing
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and human genetics. The lab is investigating a blood-clotting
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Dr. Sandra Shepherd (left) reviews a case with an RPSM house staff member. The social medicine program emphasizes support systems for its
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researchers have applied for a patent for this new technique that
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its cognate sciences, to which it is so justly entitled — then so much
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SYNDESMO'LOGY (<rii.6E(7/ios, a ligament, Xoyoc, a description;.
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public hygiene, and legal medicine. It is their province to enlighten
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ing evil, next to pain, than the universally-complained-of bad
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tic measure or to gain official sanction in the countries of Europe during
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placenta and remove it. On account of having short fingers,
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distinguisbed from oviparous animals, which produce their young in
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from patches, the aplastic nature and its spreading far beyond
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T en, adhere to my opinion by concluding with Charles
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of that time. The latter observation applies to the local symptoms as
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mittee of Publication, except such as can be fairly classed under
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SAURIO'SIS (aavpii, a lizard). The Saurodermatous, or lizard-
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Isolated cases of diphtheria and cerebro-spinal meningitis also
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inductive reasoning was William Harvey’s demonstration of
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He rallied again by stimulating, during the interval between the
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and fine particles of the almond paste,) and the consequent
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of the possessors was determined upon, but evaded by flight.
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Couoouiitaut Phenonieua auil .Sequels of Ervsipi'las . . . 473
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Yet another objection to citrate of magnesia is the certainty
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Transplants: Promising, Politically Proscribed,” Yale
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with pus was almost necessary to develop the disease, and that
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