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STEARO'PTEN {..lap, suet). The soHd portion of a volatile oil

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F. V. Hebra has rightly emphasized, an etymologic monstrositj', and on this account

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five, varicella and vaccinia are forms of variola, and are classed with that

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TONGUbC. Lingua. The organ of taste and speech. See Papilla.

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tinued to fail, this failure was so gradual that it was only for a few

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of manly vigor. The soldier wields the sword and musket

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of the vessels of the skin, and a relative increase of the

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and Chirurgical Society in 1819, basing his description on his experi-

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Martina Brueckner, M.D., Ph D., a pediatric cardiologist and

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the region of the parotid, so that there existed at the same

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Drainage and Sewerage, Puerperal Tetanus, Ansemia and

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demonstrations in Beijing, the group was among the first to

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and the pieces of broken bone stay in place. Complicated

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His remains (" the last of earth") were taken from his late rural

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from the ni ostate, owing to irritation of that organ.

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which can only be to mislead, for a time, those ignorant of the

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Wirsung, and Santorini. The first practical wasn't too

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at the edges, nor bordered with the same distinct redness as

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of the eye, which had previously been terribly engorged, was

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treatments of a wide variety of medical problems, from cancer

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SUDATO'RIUM (sudor, sweat). The hot-air bath. At a tem-

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passages from performing functions foreign to this phenomenon.

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Montgomery County, New York. He began the study of medicine

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other prominent functionary — before whom, by-the-way, any

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services. Historically, an emphasis on one-to-one therapy—an

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genous Composite plant, recently recommended in gonorrhoea.

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valescence. This disease cannot originate as that of a year ago

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to the small rounded mass contained within the cells of animal

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The other is by St. Paul, and evinces a knowledge which we

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and ability is shown by the many places of trust and responsibility

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care and education for their infants and toddlers any more

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dementia—the loss of mental function to the point where

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is a little bird to tell of the matter, while we hear him not,

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