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be that a number of other organs or tissues will be like the

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the ease with which epileptiform attacks are evoked by arti-

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THE Ci iPPICE, Nottingham.β€” Assistant Medical Officer ; unmarried, not

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stimulus of light are essential. Hospital treatment for such

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during the year. The Association has been twenty-four

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was thought advisable to hook the stomach forward into the

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suicide which have come before him as coroner had the de-

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Ljunggren, St. George's Hospital ; A. (jranville, St. Bartholqmew's

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Poulton-le-Fylde ; Mr. W. E. Hilton, Durham ; Mr. n. F. Hurst,

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The Chaihman drew attention to the position in wh'lch tlw

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ment has decided to establish an institute for the treatftient

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Mr. Tubby showed these specimens. Tlie histology cor-

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to the choice between gland and extract administration, Dr.

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diagnosis, which is perhaps a more important omission,

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opinion, were the frequent cause of skin affections.

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which it was highest in West Ham, CroVdon, Maxichester, Salford, and

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result was interesting and unexpected. In 2 cases the dia-

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Ehrlich-Biondi stain, they looked like degenerated material.

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and excitement at night, and an erythematous redness of the

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ampton in the Midlands; and, in the South, Romsey has (had several

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human food A medical officer of health or inspector of nui:?ances

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cases the hsemog'obin was not affected up or down beyond 1

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Hospitals and in the Highgate Small-pox Hospital on Saturday last,

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and scrubbing with soap or borax. A strong chrysarobin and

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Clifton ; D. Walsh, M.B., Bristol ; Messrs. F. Walters and Co, London ;

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when small-pox has been present for some days in the system,

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think such a cause to be so rare that it may be almost dis-

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and Continental stands and apparatus, with short letterpress

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who in 1871 by his courage and presence of mind saved the

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disaster is in most instances the result of the too rapid

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from this disease showed no marked excess iu any of the sanitary dis-

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Db. Santon has been commissioned by the French Govern-

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%^ We notice in some of the cuttings alluded toβ€” letters evidently

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Fig. 1.β€” Diagram showing outline and position of tumour.

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Surgeon? Such are already granted to certain officers of the medical

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private operations, after removing all grease, the instruments