STACTE' (o-rajo), to distil). That kind of myrrh which distils or
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parative anatomy. In birds the vocal larynx is anatomically
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“Attention!” The more than 100 men struggled manfully to
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1. Tic douloureux. An affection of the/y?7» pair of nerves, or the
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to represent this Association at the meetings of the British Medical
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nistic to the thoracic respiratory movements only in phona-
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which, by a further fatty degeneration, forms the fat globules of
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cord at the extremity of a muscle, by which the muscle is attached to a
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Brown, the founder of the so-called "Brunonian system of
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screaming 4-month-old infant. “Why do you think this baby is
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scribed within definite limits, I may be permitted to add here-
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12. Osteo pedion (-KuiSiov, a child), Lithopcedion. An osseous or