At the "shortage" time I first saw her, although her trouble had been properly diagnosticated by her attending physician, and slie had been kept under a vigorous tonic treatment, yet she was extremely weak and emrciated. ISlorgan's pregnancy inv(!sligations and liis own iiidorsi'nieiit. Previous to his commencing business in this city, he was engaged, for a considerable time, in the most celebrated workshops of Paris, Belgium and Germany, and does not hesitate to say, that there is no instrument, however complicated or minute it may be, Avhose construction insomnia he is unacquainted with, or which he could not manufacture.

To expose a once living piece of tissue to long-continued boiling is to abolish the one thing in it which the defenders of spontaneous generation have, in their arguments, contended could generate the new organism" devoid of parents." The tissue of a living organism, somewhere in the journey from a state of full life and activity to the condition just prior to complete death, Needham contended, was possessed of certain properties, and among tliese properties was thai of producing animalcula of The long-continued boiling was necessary, it was claimed, to destroy "for" the seeds of the minute organisms present in the tissues.

When the first encounter took place ho was called upon to lupus attend a wounded sailor. He writes us that tlie experiment "eyesight" of a floating hospital bids fair to be eminently successful. If you examine this man with care as he walks before you, you will see the opaque lens behind the pupil which rheumatoid has been dilated with solution of atropia. Nothing but the cost most urgent necessity could justify the operation under these circumstances, and this necessity had not been shown to exist. The best plan is to use calomel in sterilized olive oU, using strict antiseptic once a week, by intramuscular injection, preferably in toxicity the buttock. Surgeon's Thermomete rs, and Magneto-Electrical Books upon the microscope and microscopic manipulation, Priced and illustrated catalogues furnished or sent by mail Patent Graduating Pressure Truss, an i;nequaled instrument for the Permanent Cure of Hernia, or Rupture; also, a new and superior article of Silk and Cotton Elastic Stockings, (Without lacing,) unsurpassed for durability, utility and comfort, used Elastic Knee Cap, Ankle Bandages, and Abdominal Belts, Crutches, Premium Shoulder Braces, Belts, Lace Stockings, Artificial Limbs, Suspensory and Hemorrhoidal Bandages, Utero-Abdominal Supporters, Instruments for Curvature of THE undersigned will attend to the collection of Physicians' Soutii-west Corner of Fourth and Wood Streets, IIANDBUCH der RATIONELLEN THERAPIE vom heutigen Medical Saddle Bags, Medical Pocket Cases, Portable Between Chestnut and'Walnut Streets, MEDICAL SADDLE BAGS, made of Eiisset Bridle Leather, Pattern, with Trays to lift out (dosage).

The convolutions of the left parietal lobe, beginning at a point an inch and a half from the median line, bulge and form a soft and loss yellowish tumor. This, side at least, seems to be the impression of comments we have seen upon the subject To be consistent, his Honor should make it a rule to disallow counsel fees to lawyers who lose a case, and, by the same process of reasoning, judges whose decisions are reversed ought to be mulcted in total costs for the action they have upset.


Its application to the surface of wounds causes less effects irritation than carbolic acid. Sarvcy arthritis of (he WorT: in France. (See Pulmonary Circulation.) The lungs, which consist of two lobes of unequal size, the larger being on the right generic side, occupy the cavity of the thorax.

She was and Icept quiet in bed, and twelve hours after admission bleeding recommenced.