labour, for which this acknowledgement was intended.
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as the proportion of married women engaged in work varies
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embolus arising from a heart affected with ulcerative endo-
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shows that even serious physical disability, such as albinism,
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stration, fever, anorexia, etc., were apparent In all. Not so
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though leprosy must be classed amongst the contagious
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them in places. The wound in each case healed by primary-
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this fact into consideration, that after the first visit the ma-
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man, and known under the name of acute bulbar paralysis.
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and can tlierefore prepare for it, which is avery difl'erent mat-
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Burnley; in the other towns they caused the lowest death-rates in Not-
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Appearance of the Human Eye and its Application to the
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upper and middle third of the cervical region there was marked degenera-
plan. I dilated one pupil widely with atropine, and divided one lens and
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Dr. (tLover said he demurred altogether to the notion that
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At the time of his death he was in receipt of a pension as a
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mouth and C. H. Watts Parkinson, Wimborne, Honorary Secretaries.
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from the British Institute of Preventive Medicine. Dr. ( olvillc : Alcoholic
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inland hospital, amount to over £10,000 per annum before a
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Finally, the extended period is most unpopular, and many
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low partition, and thus has plenty of air, but one corner has
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blocked. There are no inducements whatever to serve abroad since
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attention should be given to it at the outset. He referred to
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order to explore the uterine cavity. On several occasions afterwards I
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cases of Post-diphtheritic Paralysis.— Dr. Brooks showed a
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sentation with the Commissioners adverse to the Ordinance. The repre-
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manent siphon drainage. In the treatment for empyema
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important series than the twenty-lour cases commented on by
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Epidemics in France : Influenza : Cholera ; Typhoid Fever.—
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about 1 foot by 4 inches each, and three doors, which are
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Shortly all the pupils at the Paris lycees will attend a
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