Viewing nature, then, with an eye to the discovery of truth, the
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pregabalin a review of its use in adults with generalized anxiety disorder
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of petechia indicated the existence of typhus. Eut this was
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tiie disseminated myelitis of the kind just mentioned seems, according
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center, or depot, as the brain, spinal cord, or ganglionic centers,
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brane). A tubular organ, enveloping the primitive fibre of the stnaied
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Looking on with Dr. Kinder as the graduating class gathers (from
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of man's nature. "Mark the perfect m^n, and behold the
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this way, speedily and without danger, several such cases,
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lished some views on the subject, and called attention to the con-
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medical teaching centers; that we would need him to provide
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of all earthly ties, the union between a mother and her child?
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PATE'LLA (dim. ofjoo/wa, a pan). Literally, a small pan. The
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at Yale University when she was named the John Rodman
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negative, and as Bayle himself was the subject of fistula, he
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RHO'DIUM (poSov, a rose). A new metal discovered in the ore
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they will soon find that they are following a shadow. The
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goeth on in darkness concerning the nobler and higher part
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hypertension, prematurity and schizophrenia, we must
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4. Mercury.— The most important of the mercurial poisons is the
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A resolution on liquors and patent medicines, submitted by Dr.
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permitted the free entrance and exit of the air ; the mucous
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shall believe himself to be in a dying state; and, then, that the