pressure or not is still in doubt. Cabot failed to find any increase after
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This surely is fatal to the theory of ammonia injected into the cir-
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tacle, and the solid portion, which still contains large numbers of yeast cells, is returned
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to the number present. To determine the total change in any
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field near the margin of a hanging drop of water, and bringing the
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contain a sugar, as i per cent glucose; (3) the culture should be
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4 or 5 cases of puerperal osteomalacia in which it was tried ; but it must
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under chloroform which recently happened at Alloa. He said it
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pigs. Twenty-six days later, each of these two animals and two normal pigs were
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that a very small number of foreign seeds were not, in fact, present
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strictly the recumbent position, and having asked the pupil to send
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he most kindly directed my attention to a very interesting clinical
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and the method proposed by us, it is of paramount importance
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that the affection was actually tetanic. As to the suggestion that
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heart" accompanying either aortic or mitral lesions, but occurring even
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seem to take place irrespective of the presence or absence of living
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mortality latterly became so great that there was neither time nor
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This case is strongly affirmative of this thesis. While any part of
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the infection crept into the corrals in the first place, it was subse-
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and a resulting catarrhal condition of the ureter and bladder. In such
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to the men, and giving an increased supply of excellent vegetables
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the patient can bear only smaller amounts, in which case a smaller dose,
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upon the slight toxicity of edestin has already been discussed on
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in compound fractures : quite recently, he had two compound frac-
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and pressure. This may be relieved by (1) revulsives; (2) purges; (3)
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Theoretically the Bordet-Gengou reaction depends on the fixa-
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In case of dyspnoea, cyanosis, marked diminution of the respiratory
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the occiput looks to the right than when it looks to the left, we
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The Life and Letters of Faraday. By Dr Bence Jones, Secretary
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. . . "In this group is also included elderly patients, because of
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infected; eight fifteen-hour tests, in which four, or 50 per cent, were
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after a few days in a high altitude, shows an increase in the amount
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of the contents of the pipette outside of the cell, but a too strong
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with no production of symptoms. About 600 larvae were hatched
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2 Aran, Le9ons Cliniques sur les Maladies de I'Ut^rus.
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twitching of muscles generally. 4.8. — When put on his legs, can
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Of 100 cases, two-thirds of whom were originally classed as incipient
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This appears to be the most common variety of communior.
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backward movements behind the ankle. Repeat with the other leg.
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after inoculating the last tube before a plant from the first tube