water has been for-yvarded to me for reply. I wish I could tell you a
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patients, and, above all, that it conveys a distinct mechanical effect,
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occurs in the advanced stage of typhoid will be considered hereafter
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water," etc. Such errors must be avoided in discussing procedures;
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nia Hospital, the great accident hospital of that day, erysipe-
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pathological products, so must a continuous irrigation of the bladder
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and resort will be, in a measure, aseptic. Man will be more
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sionally arise as a complication. The first is usually mon-articular (par-
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Tuberculous bronchial affections often follow certain acute infectious
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What is the difference between a claret and a Burgundy?
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ployed for the purpose of reducing the temperature, and found highly
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been endemic in India for centuries. Only during the present century,
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largest is the Lycoperdon giganteum, and grows to a circum-
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infection no pronounced leucocytosis was observed. The subsidence of the
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fruits to be the most satisfactory and certain means of preserving
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should even think of eating them. Nearly all of the edible
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surface which does not present a break, but with this present may do so
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I have not said much of drugs in connection with tubercu-
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do tiot take what time they have; some have no books, and
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which, in some form, it is almost impossible, for civilized
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water men and temperance people, so called. Grape-juice,
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douches, the application being local, reaction is called out only at the
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each ring of which drives the blood onward, vermicular-fashion, we
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sodium to the litre. Although he remained in this bath for prolonged
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dilatation occurs. Thus a slow cooling process, not relaxing or in any
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Zander treatment in fifteen, good in only six and unknown in
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cussing. According to Churchill's observations, infants pass
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from the cutaneous vessels in infectious diseases, and that during con-
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nishing quiet surroundings to encourage sleep after such a bath ; also
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Cerebral symptoms may be successfully combated by a careful and
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bility that they may set up initiatory lesions either in the tonsils, lungs,
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same individual has probably not yet been determined, but it
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Pathology. — The fact is to be emphasized that somewhere in the
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periments there was no relation to be noted between the lowering of
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remaining fourteen making excellent recoveries. The total number of
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too, often produces gasping respiration and enhances the discomforts
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ance. The effects produced by them depend upon the principles de-
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suffered from migraine ; had worked in country practice on Long Island for
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fat continues. Here the cells are bathed in a rich sugar so-
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recommended to scarify the affected part and follow Avith the application
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a conviction had been recorded against Dr. Moorhoiise in the
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temperature. It is far more prudent and effective to repeat the treat-
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cation in delicate children. It may develop about the pocks, particularly
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has not yet been observed. The visible infiltration occurs usually in