knecfi, and the ankles. The toes were never involved. The two sides of
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is especially true of some of the works, and the most promising
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Great credit is due to Garrod for the care and thoroughness
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lumbar and sacral roots concerned are separated by intervening roots which
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months. When the pneumothorax is complete Saugman keeps it up for
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[On the technique of the diphtheria diagnosis.] Centralbl. f. BaJcteriol. (&c),
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Iron, calcium, cyanides, salicylates, f erricyanides, also reach the general
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The vessel in which the urine is collected should be of dark brown
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als Spatschaden nach Encephalitis epidemica. Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1920,
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and chronic inflammatory processes, specific or otherwise, in the normal or
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a family may appear to be a cancer family when in reality the
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wrist, which was swollen, red, and tender, but not hot. She was anemic
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of the pubes, combined with great uneasiness, and frequent
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possible carriers, such as lice, bed-bugs, fleas, and chiggers, were investigated,
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be passed at least four or five inches beyond the lower end of the
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history. (2) The almost invariable association of the condition with mitral
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by tumors situated at or about the root of the lung, and which
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5. The Summer 1735 was unusually wet and chilly with
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coccyx, and the two ends of the suture were united over a small pad of
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The chief point in these abstracts from Ryder's article is that the
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methods of reporting than because I attach any great significance
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first coijsinH. No tul)('rculostis or other familial disease present.
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to think that this may possibly have been due to a conversion of
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the thyroid lobe were, after a time and almost invariably, followed
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loose and cast off, and tumefactions there do subside. The
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both bronchi in 9 cases. Reasserts: " The surprising thing is not
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is followed by a lag of varying length which in turn is succeeded by a rapid pro-
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cutting oft' the blood-supply to this organ. Adrenalin was used in both
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egoistic form, which, when developed to a distinctly morbid extent,
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right lung. Expiration is about equal in the dunition to inspiration.
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Zentralbl. f. GMr., 1920, 47, 1389. (Fortschr. a. d. Geb. d. Rontgenstrahlen.,
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thorax, extraordinary development of the collateral venous circulation from
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Art. VI.— -A compendious System of Midwifery, chiefly designed to facili-
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tuberculosis and is still regarded with some distrust. This on the whole is
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paler without scaling. Where the Miliary Eruptions were
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stopped bleeding almost immediately after a single small dose to the spleen.
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one or two effervescing draughts and a cup of tea. At nine
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administered into the animal body, enter into chemical union
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new antecedeyxts of irritation in other parts of the system, either
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produce sharp and prolonged depression of blood pressure in dogs; I believe
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It would be absurd to push too far this analogy between the
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aggravated the patient's general nervousness and, of course, necessitated
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