SE'DATIVES (serfo, to allay). Medicinal agents which diminish

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extraordinary was his piety that it was supposed that he would

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to the umbilicus of seeds, when they are suiTounded by irregular pro-

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second year he commenced the study of medicine, and in his

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“We see students with a wide range of problems, from

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Surgical Treatment of Strictures of the Urethra — James

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so that both rotary and hinge motions may be performed with

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SYCO'SIS (cruKu.<r.s, a rough, fig-hke excrescence on the flesh,

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although there are many others, there are some cases in which the

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nrHP^'/.'^'"" °f ''"y ^'^'''"'''1 explanation ' "f bodies,

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in width. If one stretches his hand over the affected skin at this time,

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PHTA'LIC ACID. Another name for naplUalic acid, formed by

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hetween pewter and Britannia-metal. It consists of 9 pans of n

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upon it, the bulbar filaments alone would be extracted.

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disappearance of the nutritional anemia which had been

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spinal meningitis. When I hear a man talk about curing sixty-

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acknowledge his intention to practise in accordance with any ex-

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ciated abroad, its insertion here fully corroborates the testimony

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On placing a drop of the fluid removed from an ovarian cyst

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I can speak of a couple of cases, as showing that the irritability

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number tattooed on their left forearm and experience a sense

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The recent American Agenda report, co-chaired by former

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TE'RNATE [terni, three, distributive). A tenn applied to parts

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the action of nitric acid on chloride of naphthaline.

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but it did not do it. He had alcohol, and the patient did not die

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the stimulant method of treatment ^ ' commonly called

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variolosa), and yet these anomalous cases may be cases of true smalli)ox.

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