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Tracheotomy in Membranous Croup — A. V. Dougherty, N.
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On the 2d of March he was found qualified, by the Naval Medical
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good color, regularly menstruating, and feeling well ; but she
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ness and liberality, especially towards the suffering poor, whom he
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nuclear medicine and cardiac physiology. In his spare
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experience, and most excellent physicians, and both of their wives
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Besides these differences in intensity of the disease, there are also qual-
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tion and practice in similar cases — Dr. Pouth said he hoped
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ZOSTKR {IwdTi'ip, a belt). A specific designation of Herpes.
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events (see Period of Suppuration), but are present to a considerable
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Among the remedies proper, turpentine, camphor, carbonate
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among others, the Emperor Marcus Aurelius suffered (190 A. D.), and
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Sacclolactin. Saccharum lactis. Lactin ; sugar of milk, obtained
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with the inestimable and incomparable value of the interests
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articulated to each other; on the skull it is called pericranium ; on the
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thesis remains limited to the exanthem, the disease is in most cases fatal.
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that one of the greatest wants of the profession is some suitable
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re-establishment of his proper relation to his surroundings.
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feed upon, it dies, or it is not propagated. The abstract question
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them by his intelligence and refinement, he had formed warm