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The term lunicify is often used synonymously with elasticity, to
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papillae of which are tumified, its surface dry, clean and red.
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syndrome, a subtle malformation of the X chromosome that
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3. Bi; denoting two equivalents of acid, as 6j-8ulphate of potash.
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•2. Pulmonary transpiration. The aqueous vapour which escapes in
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ningitis it takes off the tension. It is a substitute for bloodletting.
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10. Poly-choria (yopiov, a membrane). Impaired viBion, caused by
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Bacteriologic Investigation of the Course of the Disease . 438
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simplex when of small size and rounded form ; lobosa, when ithas split
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a triangular cavity between the crura cerebri, perforated by several
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Elementary and Secondary Challenge,'’ along with Dr. Robert H. Gifford, associate dean for education and student affairs.
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PE'RIANTH (irepiawetu), to bloom all round). A collective term
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rectum, or the ulceration of the lining membrane of the lower
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