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The ability to direct a needle into the center of a small

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2. The intestinal tube has periods of rest and motion.

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monly called heavy oil oficine, or simply oil of wine.

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definite course to run from the time of its first formation to

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lowing morning, but sometimes sooner and only rarely later (during the

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formation of any compound body from its elements"; as opposed to

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us.” One can indeed make the case that, left to their own

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2. terra cariosa. Tripoli, or rotten-stone, consisting of silex and

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lumbar vertebrae. The fibro-eartilage between the bones had

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We must remember that it is by the action of the pharyn-

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for many surgeons have extirpated the largest tumors with

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disciplining of Pete Rose—Bart revealed his idealism. Try

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merits the name of glottis, as it performs only the office of an

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men in the profession, Dr. Clark was kind, generous, and high-

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*Archiv fur Aerzte und Seelsorgo- wider die Pockennoth. Halle, 1798.

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minutes. "When the meal was plentiful, complete digestion

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orange-red colour, which is destroyed by the addition of proto-ch onde

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the swelling both internal and external has greatly diminished.

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to detect the hues, tinges, and shades of color, and their most deli-

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the interference of the other senses must be avoided : but in the

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§ 4. In consultations, the physician in attendance should deliver

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produce a like effect upon all surrounding that individual, but I do

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duties of this position he discharged with great energy, and rendered