City Hospital, reports four cases of Varicose Veins, and one of
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druggist. At St. Joseph's Hospital, Lisbon, a man died recently
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nostrils of tlie sheep, whence the grubs, when hatched, travel into the
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and the patient appeared otherwise quite well, long before the
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branch for sixteen weeks, without thoroughly reviewing any,
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3d. Critical Abscesses may be regarded as always salutary.
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WOO'RALY. A celebrated poison, also called tcoorari, ourari,
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the sponge ; the chloroform was used in such doses as to pro-
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abscess localization has saved lives. “Before sectional
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it was essentially similar to the practice so strenuously incul-
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An instrument invented by Marey for registering the character of the
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Jonathan Erlen, Guest Editor, "Federal Drug Policy"
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he enjoyed the advantages of the common schools, but at an early
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reduced into long worm-like pieces by forcing it through holes. Mac-
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it is about seven inches and a half, in its longest diameter, and six
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spicuously towards the base, as in the pink. The upper part is called
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Recently Leah D' Eugenio, staff assistant at the Yale School of
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dents and faculty members submitted free of charge to
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ted discussion," on the Report of Committee on Medical Edu-