the mental faculties to those very habits of attention, analysis,
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takes fire on exposure to the air : hence it has been called, in Ger-
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are recognizing more and more clearly their obligation to the
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Institution, and observing for myself, the principal of the
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skin, a superficial defect (erosion) is usually quickly formed in the pocks
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lowest, vertebra prominens, from its spinous process being so much
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was present once; pelvic contraction of the first degree twice:
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and specially observed in cases of devotional ecstasis, sometimes ap-
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and came to me to have it examined. He did not wish to be
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the part of the prisoner, but was admitted by the judge. The
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brane as, otherwise, natural infections would not be so easy and fre-
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was conspicuously attested by his election, immediately after his
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three days previous to our next annual meeting, and that said
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parts ; also of paralysis of single muscles, like the deltoid (Curschmann),
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Dr. Rogers was for some time unwilling to use injections
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century, under the title of "A View of the Science of Life on
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led us to Mildred Fousek’s laboratory. Here Mrs. Fousek
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seemed proper in the eyes of several parishioners that he
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laid down by Chief Justice Abbott in Mead's case, where he
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perhaps it is already ia our zenith — a region of country remark-
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Pterocarpus santalinus. The term sandal has been supposed to be
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eases, and especially by the acute exanthematous diseases (measles, scar-
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by influenza, whooping-cough, and malarial fever (Rosenstein). Measles,
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ities and mutilations of the alse nasi which often remain after confluent
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years, but rather by generations. Perhaps that is because 1
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prun>^:'""-'°^°'''"'*' P-'^^-dalis. These are ZocaZ varieties of
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until all danger of undue inflammation was at an end. His
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the internal sphincter, descended between this muscle and the
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the members of Company C straggled to their feet from the
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The face and head are almost always attacked first ; then, gradually
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if necessary, should be justified as far as it can be, consistently with
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sive tendency — which is the distinctive characteristic of the age —
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of behavior?" If we understand the suggestions thrown
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the spinous process of the axis, and inserted into the transv'crse pro^cessTf
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ing, and always free from vulgarity. His friendships were strong,
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with a cloudy mass of ignorance, have erected their crazy struc-
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rience, but to the young and incautious, fresh from the lecture-
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cence, and becomes instantly orange-red, which, if too mu h Lirhas
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OS USTUM. Bone-ash. The residue of bones which have been
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being under such circumstances the most numerous, 107 males
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tains bile, and is usually decidedly bloody. Bloody evacuations also
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nor did there seem to be any in the bladder. Nothing was
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no further rise of temperature ; hence it is definitive. With the rapid
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