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diagnosis, he mentions that in 100 consecutive cases of clinically obvious
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cent, of polymorphonuclears. Lumbar puncture brought a clear fluid
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Bunn records an epidemic of 882 cases of typhoid fever occurring in
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and has tired easily, with occasionally vertigo and headache. Since Sep-
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made by my father or myself. In this way, any errors due to the
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the Country woodland and fresh water damps, (the Sheep in fen-
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still better since Praetorius has substituted colloidal silver iodide, ' pyelon '
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insofar as relief of the pulmonary conditions are concerned but without
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of the pleuropulmonary tract, thus bringing the total list of cases
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Zsigmondy discovered that albumin bodies possessed the prop-
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where high tension apparatus was in a different room from the X-ray tubes,
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(B. coll) employed to remove it ; (2) it may come from proteins. The utility
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not of the lower, limb were ataxic. On the sensory side the disturbances,
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tory surface. Against this theory are two facts: (1) Bronchi-
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where amyloid is formed, or in the circulating body fluids. (6) Since
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unable to explain its entire absence in our dogs of this past winter,
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ated as phosphates in the urine. The degree to which the normal excretion
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thyroid glands in our experiments of twenty-five years ago, and are
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inspiration; but this would render the region liable to compression rather
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They compared the action of drugs on normal bronchi with that on
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out of fashion as themselves, and rest undisturbed in their
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fession, scattered widely over a state, and the whole commu-
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their observations between the year 1880 and 1900. While these
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certain degree of stenosis have been observed. In some of these
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the symptoms in this disease may in part be striatal in origin.
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haemal modifications to which most attention was paid. These, and other
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there any tendency toward the formation of an hour-glass
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the typical positions in early cervico-uterine cancer. To maintain the capsules
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was determined by placing the animals 20 cm. below the anticathode of
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650 WILBUR, ADDIS: urobilin: its clinical significance
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nation. [Studies on the relations between agglutination and co-aggluti-