fifth day after symptoms of tetanus were first developed.

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PERTU'SSIS Tussis convulsiva. Whooping-cough ; a contagious

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their reign is generally short-lived; and so it will be with

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PLICA {plico, to knit together). A fold, a plait, a duplicature.

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Such data are derived. Dr. Sartorelli points out, from years

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The heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, after writing

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Chlorate of potash with hydrochloric acid has been recom-

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RHYTHM (pu0^o'5, a measured motion). The name given to the

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the retina, and lasting as long as the pressure is continued.

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TENTA'CULA (pi. of tentaculum, from lento, to feel). Feelers;

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WHELK. lonthns. An unsuppurative tubercular tumor, generally

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