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chyma of tlie ovaries. According to Baer, they contain germs, and,
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time Hannah saw on his chest the pale violet stripe that
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(Courtesy of the United States Public Health Seivice)
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given by Dr. Lambden (Lancet, Xov., 1858) ; it contains free
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crease the trouble. What do we do? Do we stimulate? No.
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cedents and not of chance, he seeks to fathom the causes of dis-
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1981 and 1985, not long after she received her Ph.D. in
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lable value, as a medium for diffusion of knowledge, for interchange
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time both varix aneurisma and aneurisma varicosum. Besides,
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four hours. The lady was distressed at this ; but a fortnight
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"the most outstanding teacher of the medical sciences,” was
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the treatment of disease which we may not safely ignore. ISTor
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practical views in reference to the forceps : the application of the
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appearance the other day, and says she, "Doctor, I called to con-
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of the sick, but his mind ought also to be imbued with the great-
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On the death of animals and plants, these return to the earth and to
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pi'LULA (dim. ofpila, a ball). A pill. A mass of a consistence
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In February, 1843, Dr. Crosby was married to Miss Louisa P.,
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record my protest against his mode of treating this part of
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the vaccination process, L. PfeiiFer distinguishes peculiar, sharply defined
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send their orders to Gale Brothers, 202 Randolph street,
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