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catheter, dribbles away. The extremities become cold, but the body tem-
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laryngitis, or whooping-cough, may cause active hyperaemia. It may be
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cleanliness is observed, the dwellings thoroughly disinfected, and the poor
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attended by frightful injury, as evulsion of the limb, or fracture. An
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it will be found always to contain an appreciable quantity, never a large
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of the emphysema. Secondly, there is a theory that the weakness of the
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"with cod-liver oil will be of greater service. The form of iodine which I
and vesical sphincters are involved in myelitis, so that ammonsemia, pye-
tion, a favorable termination may be predicted. The nephritic symptoms
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whole succeeding eighteen, JSTine-tenths of all deaths after the sixty-fifth
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cause. Where there is a depressed fracture, it should be elevated.
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Where it is the result of a tumor, and the case is operable, the tumor
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the temperature rarely reaches ]06° F., or if it does, in most cases it is not
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bowels cannot be moved, and no benefit would result if they were ; so that
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ous or diphtheritic inflammation of other mucous surfaces.
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suppuration, chill with septic fever, swelling, and perhaps fluctuation.
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are broken up. If the joint is aspirated, a viscid, straw-colored fluid
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usually present, and offensive borborygmi occur with the passages and with
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of the bodies of the vertebrae is affected is because of the anatomical
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and much more persistent. The interference with respiration is greater
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fever there are slight and irregular variations in the fever, and a distinct
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beyond the joint below, it is necessary to render both immovable in
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existence of laryngeal ulcers. By a careful iaryngoscopic examination, the
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trix becomes more or less pigmented, and these pigmented scars may be
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intestinal hemorrhage occurs in one who gives the evidence of purpura or
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and irritation; especially is this true about a wound or open sore.
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cardiac muscle, or the excitability from functional derangement of the vagus
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distended with gas, so that when the abdomen is opened they protrude
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mia. Secondary gangrenous patches may be found in the same or opposite
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cirrhosis. In the severer types abscesses may be found, and the infiltration
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may develop. If possible, drainage should be dispensed with, as it ren-
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Lencin appears either in the form of white crystal-
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ging pain, which is increased upon eating, is present. Vomiting is fre-
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ular infiltration of the entire membrane. In its milder form only
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will become thinner at each aspiration, and retraction of the chest wall will
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micro-organisms not only lose the power of producing disease, but also
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the symptoms and treatment. Burns differ from scalds in that they
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shaped, and the tissues are more or less glued together, and the motions
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the palmar arch may be futile, and it may be necessary to ligate the
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» Benedict considers the essential pathological change in the nerve centres to Ve " an acute exudative
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ative in nature and terminate in resolution, whereas the septic variety
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tions. Co-existent peripheral oedema and pre-existing emphysema may,
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kidnevs in the form of gallic acid ; a jjowerful astrit)gei)t is thus brought
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men. We can no more account for the fact that one person can take in
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