result, in seven instances, was a complete cure of the suppuration, and in six
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admit the truth of that statement. For example, the Board of
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undergone a similar softening and annihilation. In fact, there was presented
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it has risen to 120. It is full, or half full, and very compressible. I
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to him on record and unrecorded, and adds an appendix of cases collected
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the external auditory canal were infiltrated. Haug, of Munich, observed
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the female from about twelve to fifteen years of age, while pur-
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produces six or eight hours' sleep. No unpleasant after-effects have been
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seriously considered. I will show the cases and the remarks that I may
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fidently and aggressively invade a territory forbidden to our predecessors.
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stitched together, which generally stops bleeding. When it is impossible to
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enough under ordinary circumstances in its apparently natural
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filed after the Treasurer's account for the year 1918 had been
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Slaughter, had suffered recurring attacks of severe abdominal cramps
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(A number of lantern slides of pyelograms illustrating all
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period. The hypnotist endeavors to provide against all possibilities
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twin pregnancy, in which Porro's operation was performed. One twin was
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processes. It is a mistake to attempt to make the student a critic and
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tion of that report the patient was in very good condition and had left
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Robert Saundby^ presents notes of three cases of his own, and adds
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observed to be worse at menstruation and as soon as labor pains began. No
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undergone a similar softening and annihilation. In fact, there was presented