phia on Wednesday, April i6th, in his sixty-seventh
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was very trifling after the recovery of the patient, yet in the
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there is a law compelling phy.sicians to report all
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rious diseases of that beautifully organized portion of the human
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fact that in the tertiary stage of this disease the
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erythrocyte count was also increased, but its varia-
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number of colored patients, only fourteen per cent,
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In negro women the areola becomes jet black, with somewhat pur-
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ered as having been very nearly left to pursue its natural course.
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the right than on the left. There was a very slight
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gins at the far, or objective, end of the instrument,
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by Paruree and Boorikote ; but the other waters only render it bluish
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fancv and early childhood, and even in later child-
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staphylococcus, the latter being relatively rare, both
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progress of such a case. The indications for opera-
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cent. In this type the lesion is fiist lobular, later
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t This fluid often contained a large proportion of mucous flocculi of a dark co-
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serious, no time .should be lost and the tooth should
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she could scarcely breathe and could get but little
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drawing the acetate of ammonia, and adding serpentaria, nitrous
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to quote S:ichs, the immediate beneficial result in
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sists in avoiding heavy exercise, sexual excitement,
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was 126. Of these, fifty were from Scotland, twenty-seven from
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tion and give to those interested all useful informa-
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given as usual (one per cent, novocaine). On enter-
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tion causes a proliferation of these cells with a final
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current attacks of tonsillitis, and certainly if he has
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phuretted hydrogen. But nitrate of silver is not a solitary in-
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tration of justice and the charitable and protective duties which
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and in only three of the papers that I have seen is any refer-