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appears. Or it may last during the day and disappear at night, or vice rer-

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influence, the agonizing countenance of a tetanic sufferer is

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duly set forth. In reference to its silence, the Journal has, it says,

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review department and contributed largely to the original communica-

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health. Pain may be absent or only a vague sensation of weight

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hydrocele and hematocele, and the sacks seem completely

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cholera, it will be observed that, if other varieties of disease

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was directed by Dr. Houston to the improved treatment of certain

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them, I knew the patients must have been thus exposed for some days, one

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C. D. Evans, M. D., Surgeon U. P. & B. & M. E'y, Columbus, Neb.

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fracture has extended to the anterior cranial fossa.

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the integrity of the joint and its after usefulness is concerned,

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doctrine of reflex nervous action to a physiological demon-

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scarlet and gangrenous patches that occur in the course of the in-

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the paralysis remains permanent. Diplopia is there-

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or even the tenth part of the usual quantity. In certain cases in

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her sufferings. The case was one, in which, but little could

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vesico-vaginal fistula, because my individual experience with them

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cella in this its vesicular or genuine form has ever been met with

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against these pains, while their duration forbids our even thinking of employ

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equivalent of a blind natural fistula where microbes stagnate

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more finished essay. Whether it be contemplated as a historical

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average in the other experiments, in which the subject took neither

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experienced. If, however, it should be necessary from any cause

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adjuncts. The "salines" employed were the following: — 1st.

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this nature, to employ ergot, or plugging the vagina, rather than traction.

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over the region of the bladder ; there was no swelling, but great

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