the knots are left inside the lumen of the intestine and are

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character to the pain of nephritic colic and has the same mean-

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small, firm, yellowish bodies, which were very numerous. No

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The tumor, after having been removed from the abdominal

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American Gynecological and Obstetrical Journal (N. Y.), April.

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A., retired from active service, by operation of law, having reached

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tories of infection either at labor or miscarriage. The

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in a direction to impair the function of the fibers run-

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ytars ago he had had subphrenic abscess in his own person

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ten children, two by a first marriage and eight by .the second —

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influence, and the results in cases of empyema are some-

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looked upon as serious menaces to the treatment of the ulcer.'

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on the bacteriology of the lungs, indicate that while the lung

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cases at term, whenever an intrapelvic deformity would

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The fact that plague is conveyed by rats has led to the intro-

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There seems to be no definite period for the onset of the

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When the red cells are near the normal count (about

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and mental strains. They should be kept from the use of al-

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bacteriologic examination of the sputum was made when we

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North Dakota Medical Society, Fargo, May 22-23, 1901.

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from there proceed here, to meet at It o'clock. Motion carried.

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Asst. Surgeon Hill Hastings, to proceed to Santa Barbara, Cal.,

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87 'Is there Such a Constituent of the Urine as "Urelner* Wal-

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to the Intrarectal Injection of Normal Salt Solution.

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of the primitive peoples shows that a desire to prevent

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removal of the stomach contents by the tube, is con-

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revive his memory. It is not because he will be for-

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the disease no limitation of motions, but abnormal mo-

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describe the presence in the human subject of glands

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who sees or who uses it, but the court says that it is quite clear

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This request la J»ade In the interest of the Medical Department of

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mentioned, there was no word deafness, and yet there

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