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tooth was drawn. The lips were covered with froth. The sense of smell
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existing state of oar knowledge, it has seemed to me most convenient and
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ing the continuance of the first paroxysm, the pulse and temperature gene-
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down along with it the acetate of the same base, leaving the
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cases in which ailments preceded the manifestations of renal disease, ex-
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Figure 1 shows the plane in which the sections were taken,
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tion of cases ; but, exclusive of these, either obscurity or loss of sight —
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striated membrane (fig. 8, ipP). When the first interstice of
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in which this sound is most often heard. I have not dwelt on
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tous opportunity for determining not only the influence of the
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its inferior extremity comes to be bandaged, which would render
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a special nerve as a necessary part of a special sense ; but while
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mode is the destruction, to a greater or less extent, of the secreting struc-
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ending too soon to be considered as chronic. Pernistent or clu^onic gout
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with fewer naked fibers, is shown in figure 21, which was drawn
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The lesion of the cord may extend from the superficies a limited depth
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finger or toe, or some bones of the carpus or tarsus, — are affixed
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Great as my joy was at the success of this operation, I was
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based on such a supposition will prove, not only ineffectual, but injurious.
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him, or from whom he apprehends personal violence. Uncouth and un-
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It is with great pleasure that we can endorse the work I ^^'^'^''e of late years we glean but a few grains of soui.d
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iting frequently occurs, and, towards the close of life, there are involuntary
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tion 50 days, the average duration being a portion over 30 days. Com-
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In the area supplied by the lingual nerve there are thirty-six
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himself for more than thirty years a sufferer from this disease, was led to
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rounding the clot, if death take place within a short period, is usually
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From before the time of Morgagni every effort that human