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of structure that will produce such sound — we find it in irritation,

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and in so far as its systemic action is concerned it should always

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therefore given nitrous oxide gas and ether (by Dr. Thos. L. Bennett),

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Rhamnus purshiana is tonic, laxative and stomachic.

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tion of health. It will never do to suppress a process of disease

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underlying sciences, no matter how desirable this may seem.

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To investigate diseased conditions of the ovary in an early

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in number, severity and duration. It also controls the vomiting

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In acute disease the remedies will be the alkaline sulphites

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the blood is sluggish, or entirely arrested in some vessels. The

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thermometer? It would not be believed at first thought that

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perature, and if this is maintained at the standard of 98°, we

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In old age, when the regenerative function decreases in the

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other cachectic conditions ; glandular affections ; atonic amen-

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