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purgatives may be required for some time after the obstruction is re-

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of the prison officers), the prisoners are allowed to converse to

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last few months, when its growth was more rapid. The general

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flabb}', and it is easil}^ penetrated or broken down by pressure with the

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into subdivisions. And the most convenient plan is to distribute them

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of considerable experience may have never met with an example of it. It

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the most satisfactory local remedy for psoriasis and

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nor when bodies are placed in ice. The case just referred to, however,

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Our Syphon Kumysgen Bottles allow Kumyss to be drawn without loss of contents. One

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assume a reticulated or areolated appearance, or it is disposed in masses,

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his death, the same imi^ressions have remained with me with re-

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absence or deficiency of health, the definition proposed by Chomel is,

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College what this practice is. I may briefly say that it con-

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(150 Beds) for surgical cases with finest hospital facilities and appliances.

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blood had taken place in no instance save after injury of the chest or when

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feet, tuberculosis is almost unknown ; and especially is this true of villages

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Wlien Used as aa Injactioa, to Avoid Staining ol Linen, tlie WHITE Finns siomd lie nsefl,

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bone, where there is so often a failure to accomplish a perfect

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matter; the right lung was perfectly healthy, as were the other

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We gave him a drachm of laudanum, covered his abdomen

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The study of the thermometric phenomena in different diseases has

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on the other hand, to prevent the development of tuberculosis. It rarely

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features may be derived exclusively from the seat of the disease. Thus,

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other hand, all the elements of a paroxysm of angina, except the pain, are

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mountains of California where the temperature is very equable, and no rain