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sation after the fourth operation almost disappeared, and the tumor

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parts of Spartanburg County, but also in neighboring counties. This

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The hemophilic blood platelets were obtained directly from the

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Complete removal of the diseased gland is the only treatment

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The Effect of Adding Platelets to Normal Oxalated Plasma. —

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the use of caustics." ("Practice and Art of Surgery," Vol. II.)

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perhaps most, of the affections of the nervous system in the secon-

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procedure is followed by a great change in the form of the electrocar-

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steadily worse, that he had developed very severe headaches, that he had been

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bradycardia is due to weakness of the heart muscle or to disturbance

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Rowe, Albert H. : The albumin and globulin content of human blood serum

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by a fall in the period 10 to 14. In the next period, 15 to 19 years,

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pharmacologic or clinical study. Judging from the large number of

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words " type " and " typical " too often, and bring with them something

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The effect of the extreme stasis is to interfere with the nutrition of

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vessels be situated below the sphincter, the external skin instead

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at the age of, and more exclusively as the result of, emotional distur-

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some light on the etiology or exact nature of her condition. These,

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the affected person is liable to die ; or else he recovers as the cooler

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who showed the signs of mitral insufficiency and stenosis of the left

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remained free from recurrence in 1914. This last case is an example

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porary closure of the wound by a thrombus. Rostan saw 7 a rupture

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mediate types of hemophilia and purpura hemorrhagica; that there is

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tumors which occur so frequently in other forms of cretinism are

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of the brain were the seat of opaline plaques slightly prominent

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caval path as the path of least resistance does not hold in many cases.

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a more definite end reading. The hemoglobin in each specimen of

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pellagra. She had not been well for two years prior to the development of