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*' fever drops," which is a simple, intelligible, and descriptive name.

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Westmoreland, of Georgia; H. A. Johnson, of Illinois; W. H.

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gutta percha, block tin or iron, does not this constitute an

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gift, or the result of intelligent and careful cultivation, are we

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all nature, and constituting tlie nutrient elements of living matter

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So after the Plainfield, N.J., native graduated in 1968,

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emetic, a teaspoonful mixed with molasses, repeating that dose

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voluntary plans would fail to protect a family during

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origin. Nearly all of the accident cases, 95 percent, were due

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Dr. Seashore directs the clinic that cares for many patients

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Sir Everard Home considered that the abortive ova of the animal were

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Dr. Edelson, who graduated from the School of Medicine

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§ 8. The same circumspection and reserve should be observed

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tapering to each end, and having an elastic spiral fibre generated within

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Surgeon, U. S. Army. Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Army.

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or less quantity during the first three or four days.

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can. The song was called “The Sound of Sirens” and it was to

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McGuire Jr., professor. Recent studies have revealed that this

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solved in carbonic acid, and thus rendered capable of coatmn any

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equally easy to explain its nature? This part of the problem

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we cannot suppose that the effects of it on the system can be

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right, and this under all circumstances and in all emergencies.

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initial stage), which is so often attacked "by the initial erythema of the

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There has been no controversy about the nature of smallpox since

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be extreme, it is well for you to know that insuperable obsta-

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In the rarer cases in which the patient afflicted with variola con-

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National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health

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