and introduced himself as Hong Jun, or “Red Soldier"
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cases of this kind with confidence, and performed many of the
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SUMMER-RASH. Essera. A popular designation of the Ltchen
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transformed into food adapted to the support of herljivorous animals,
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SKIN BOUND DISEASE. A peculiar affection of >nfan<^y, o"g'
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career alternatives that allow faculty members to either stop
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Patterson, director; Gregory R. Huth, publications editor; Leah D'Eugenio.
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Worthington Hooker, of Conn., Chairman. Three Essays
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agree upon the details of legislation for the attainment of the
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termed primiiiva, when they proceed from the first poison; hcereditaria,
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that in the Quartermasters, and about one-twelfih of that given to
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representative to the Association of Yale Alumni from 1984
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sight. Few of them have betrayed a partisan character. Ilardly
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sparingly. The danger from chloroform is one of individual
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glistening appearance. Dyspnoea and dysphagia intense ; rest-
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and oftentimes mischievous influence over the theorv and
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symptoms appears, depending upon, and produced by, the ex-
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eases, and by his knowledge of their course, and of the dangers
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donors, as do a small percentage of pancreas transplants.
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2. The law of " Conjugaison,"' which is designated as ' the prin-
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in the fluid removed by tapping, has been the only means of solv-
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irresistibly persuade it to inquiry in this direction ; and hence
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not be averted, its crushing effects may be incomparably
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Collier, and Dr. Collier's father, T.L. Collier. PhD. (Photographs courtesy of the author.)
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professor, epidemiology and public health; and Phillip J.
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1 deciphered that his friends were willing to drive me to the
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Cyanide of Potassium in Segar-smoke. — M. Marchand of St.
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arc also called the inferior spongy bones, to distinguish them from the
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learned that it was safer to know precisely where the