method similar to that recommended by Dumas.* I decom-
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disease ; in other words, the false membrane is an essential diagnostic
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avoid tripping. If the extensors of the legs be affected, the patient throws
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continued in Berlin by Dr. Miescher, who has for the most part
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In the majority of cases the mind is unaffected. Slight passive delirium
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approi)riate to continue to use the name cerebro-spinal meningitis, and to
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rounded by a circle — the cross-section of the sheath.
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very variable, and the average duration is found to vary in different epi-
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in the reconstruction. It also indicates, somewhat more clearly,
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dromic phenomena, consisting of cardialgia, gastric flatulency, eructa-
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not notably softened. A variable amount of turbid serum exudes on
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determining whether an existing disease be an essential fever or a local
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the frenum ; the closure of a moderate perforation of the glands
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times pale. Respiration is often notabl}^ disturbed, in some cases being
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The occurrence of the disease produced great excitement in the neigh-
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some cases of relapsing fever. Other kinds of eruption are sometimes
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As a most pecuUar manifestation of the nucleus figure 5 was
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lished the account of the operation in the sixth volume of this
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pendent on neuritis. This is to be inferred from the speedy occurrence
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the Eruptive Fevers, by tlie American Editor, Dr. Bulkley.
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icy). The result is that a part of the clear cytoplasm which
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band of flesh, to which she owed the prevention of the descent of
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Man^^ cases of mild yellow fever in New Orleans are managed by Creole
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passing between the mandible and temporal muscle, enters the
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lysis from intra-cranial morbid conditions, the employment of this mea-
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Clark, and others, have found the liver notably fatty in yellow fever. Jh.
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with this view, the immense demand which has existed for the work has enabled him, in repeated
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that death is sometimes due to the overwhelming violence of the disease,
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gradual. At the time of convalescence the temperature frequently falls
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it may be replied, that the special character of the sense is
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During the absence of her attendant for a few moments, she precipitated
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presumed that this principle is produced in less quantity wiien the disease
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Erysipelas sometimes occurs in typhus as in typhoid fever, l^ed-sores
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on the first day was 120, and the temperature 103°; in the other case,
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over the limbs shortly after an attack of acute articular rheumatism which
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points of the mesh-work in both the 'axone cap' and on the cell
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may dispense with the bougie with great safety."* Sir A.
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only one organ is so affected while the rest are comparatively
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taining to the sexual system has doubtless been much exaggerated ; but
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pletely healed on the tenth. No contraction of the urethral
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Whatever the experience of the profession may have deter-
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coloration may exist as in inflammatory^ softening. In differentiating^
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similar to that connecting the umbilical arteries of the two
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tlie clearness and conciseness which are its distinguishing characteristics. The translation has
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to a primary cancer of a part not connected Avitli the portal circulation.
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are called for. In all cases quietude is important. In the cases in which
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table variation in temperature at different periods of the da}' in the early
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ferentiated tissues do. It very soon reaches a stage, however,
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agents produced not the slightest change in it. I found a
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nerve. Close to its exit from the pons the trigeminal motor root is