Haifa, Albert. — Atlas und Grundriss der Verbandlehre

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ination little, if any, increase in size of the gland.

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Philippine Islands — I'angasinan Aug. 7-Sept. 10 395 347

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suspension of cerebral influence on the spinal cord

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slow, owing to the rigidity of the lips of the newly formed

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berculous cavities the instrument is especially help-

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Stevens, M.D., Ph.D. With more than i,8oo Illustrations from

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Iridochoroiditis right eye, 1909: tubercular syphilides of

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of the left face; at the third examination, anresthesia of the

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Eitner, Ernst. Kasuistik iiber Ehrlich 606. Wiener klin-

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the first to conceive the idea of ligating vessels and he laid down the

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fear grew to be hysterical, it was emasculated, and

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nor without undue fatigue ; they are restless, flit-

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Scott, E. B., Pharmacist. Granted four days' lea\c uf ab-

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joints, fasciae, bones, etc. In normal people we find

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T. J. Cullen. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, xvi, p.

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ing Co,, or by registered mail, as the publishers are not reS|)onsible

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The patient had three bed sores, two on his trochanters and

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a few moments' application of hot damp towels, resumed

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Baldwin. — In Great Bend. Pennsylvania, on ^Monday,

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duce liiin to defer it until such — but of persuading him by an

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the curve of the temperature, so that in general the

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1. Absence of all active symptoms of disease indicating

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retically, nitroglycerin, by dilating the capillaries,

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patient could have been discharged in a little over two

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1 he medical board of the Beth Israel Hospital, New York,