Many of the stores in the center of town had been kept in the
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optic disc is tlie termination of the optic nerve, as it enteis the
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raw sugar with white of eggs, or the serum of bullocks' blood.
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The October 1983 truck bombing that destroyed the Marine
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Zini/iher officinale, a native plant of Ilindostan, but cultivated in the
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THEIO I'lIE'KMIN. The name given by Monheim fo aii organic
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Dr. Matchett: I would like to ask the gentleman if the yellow
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at the above date to investigate the fluids removed from the abdo-
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slender, sharp-pointed, and so minute, numerous, and closely aggre-
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VESICA'TORY SILK. A substitute for the common blistering
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Dr. J. M. Toner presented a large number of valuable statistics
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bulbi and the upper surface of the tongue, eruptions on the mucous
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would necessarily provoke. But to this generally beneficial
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was feeble; the surface was cold, or rather exceedingly cool. I
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^n^ir'T-'"' 'r "'f regions, and the oil collects on the
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his horses. He left at home a wife and three small children,
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may be sub-divided into — 1. Tuber colons, 2. Pldcgmonous, and
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circles, he is lionized as a hero, and his family is provided for
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of China, by expression. The Chinese term it cha-yeiu, or tea-oil.
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and train school staffs, parents, administrators, and local and
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" The American Medical Association. — L T nder this caption,
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excites his force, has means of passage for the acquisition and
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by the report of Marius of Avenches,t that two years earlier a similar
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the pelvis, where it now formed a firm and unyielding obstacle
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the same time, give rise to a feeling of pain. Now, in order
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four inferior ribs. It is also called ilio-abdomhialis and oUiquus
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patient died, there was but little difference in her condition.
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minority women feel more at home in a traditionally white
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Editor’s note: Dr. Morgan submitted this article before
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We are aware that many, and among them even those of
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most charitable construction which we can place upon this
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tion over different epidemics, I should find so strong a tendency
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from our subscription books, for two reasons : First, because
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gratifying—and frustrating. "It’s really barbaric. The attitude