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the development of marked local signs ; (2) the large amount

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man : A case of Morbus Cordis. Dr. M. Dockrell : (1) Case

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way in which in many women adipose tissue formed and dis-

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9 1 have entered fully into this point (p. r;i 78) in my book on Diseases of

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following Erysipel-is : (2) Case of Nfevus of the Plica Simi-

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their Cf>ttagps, there being no isolation accommodation in pos*iession of

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268 pages. Part II : Special Surgery, 8vo, 81 illustrations,

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halls ; it threatens to render the method of prescribing an

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It is surprising that this is not more generally and plainly

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mysterious forms of uterine and ovarian disorder, a rise of

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to be dead, has come to life again in a very unexpected

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and the further attention which is likely to be directed to it

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averaged ol.U per l,00o. In London tlie birth-rate last quarter was equal

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rise of temperature, which subsided as the swelling and

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a new realistic study by M. Zola, as a pendant to L'' Afsdm^ntoir

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Dr. Buchanan was an ardent supporter of the volunteer move-

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making no progress, that she had been having pains all night,

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to give almost all cataract patients convex glasses of 2^" for

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lar) on the fourth or fifth day of an illness are most probably

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are given in the three censuses as follows :— Ist (1871), 2,714

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Humanised lymph might be used — arm-to-arm vaccination it

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mission became acutely maniacal. No hereditary predis- i

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Sir George Trevelyan did not yield his whole case in re-

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In Charles Cotes, whose death at the early age of 33 occurred

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